High Performance Solar Roofs for Orlando, FL Homes

When most homeowners think of their roof, they envision rows of shingles, architectural shingle designs, or perhaps terracotta tile or even slate.  All these roof types are common in Florida, and many of them can last for decades, despite the intense Florida weather.  One thing many people do not expect from their roof is High Performance in terms of doing anything more than protecting the home from incoming water, sun, and wind.

The time has come to start thinking in terms of expanded performance when it comes to your roof.

What if your roof did more than protect your home from the elements?  Well, now it can.

High Performance solar roofing tiles offer advanced insulation, extreme wind resistance, and solar power for your home.  The solar roof system uses advanced roofing technologies unlike any other roofing product on the market.  With 3 benefits in one roofing system, you can save thousands of dollars per year on heating, cooling, and electricity, all while knowing your roof can withstand even the most severe Florida weather.

Your roof protects your home from the elements, a solar roof can do much more.

The roof is your home’s first line of protection from rain, wind and the sun.  Roofing shingles, tiles, or coatings help keep water out of your home.  In Florida, you want as much protection from heavy rains as you can get.  Heat and light from the sun is also extreme in Florida throughout most of the year. Your roof must be able to withstand the torrential downpour of summer rainstorms, the intense heat from the Florida sun, and even hurricane force winds.

Traditional 3-tab shingle roofs have been relied upon for decades to withstand the elements in Florida.  Over time, traditional shingles will become aged out by the elements.  These basic shingles also do not offer much in terms of insulation from the heat of the Florida Sun.  Occasionally, shingle roofs will get damaged by storm winds and need repaired or replaced.

While traditional roofs are still a viable option for your roof replacement, there now are some more advanced roofing technologies to choose from.

High Performance Solar Roofing Tiles – Ideal for Central Florida Homes

Wind resistant roof up to and above 200 mph

Solar roofing shingles provide superior wind protection.  The solar roofing systems have wind resistance to 200 mph and up. It is a level of wind resistance which can help assure that your roof withstands the occasional hurricane. Because of its advanced wind resistance capabilities, the 3 in 1 roofing system is an excellent choice for Florida residents.

Insulation which is far superior than standard methods

Conserving air conditioned or heated air within the home is equal to conserving cash. Save more energy and keep your home cooler in the summer with insulated roofing tiles.  Solar roof tile systems have several features which work together to provide advanced insulation for your attic, and therefore, your entire home.

The outer shell of each 3 in 1 roof tile is coated with a geopolymer finish which is UV-resistant.  The tile’s core is molded from high density foam, adding to the insulating qualities of each roof tile.  Each tile has a groove system on its underside which is filled with foam adhesive when installed, creating yet another layer of insulative protection.

The insulation features of a solar roofing system create not just a high-performance roof, but a high-performance insulated attic as well.

Solar Power from Your Roof Shingles

The days of solar panels laid atop of shingles are on their way out.  Access the cutting edge of solar technology for your home:  Solar roof tiles.   Solar roof tiles are available in various brands, including Tesla and their top competitor, 3 IN 1.

Forget the worries about running low on power due to clouds and rain.  Forget about the old days when hot water from solar was the best technology at reasonable prices.  Meet the newest and best roofing system technology on the market, the solar tile roof.

A power management server is combined with power storage battery technologies for your solar roof.  This power storage and management system, is the way by which your new solar roof will become the primary source of power for your home.  With the newest and best technologies on the market, you can now GO GREEN with a solar roof that is both high-performing AND visually appealing.

Are You Ready to Go Green with a Solar Roof?

Ron West Roofing in Orlando, Florida offers solar roof installation and service.  Let us help you in your quest to “go green” with an ultra-modern solar roof.  We will be glad to consult with you to see if your home qualifies, and to provide you with detailed information about how the Solar Roof Tile System can work for you.