Roof Repair by Orlando Roofers

Ron West Roofing has been repairing roofs in Orlando since 1991.  Ron’s roofing crews are always up to date on the latest code requirements.  When it comes to roof repair, Orlando’s best choice is Ron West.

When to repair your roof in Orlando

For the last 3 years, Florida has had very active hurricane seasons, causing damage to many roofs. Regular summer thunderstorms often come ripping thru Orlando neighborhoods in the mid-afternoon, too, sometimes with wind and flying debris that may cause damage to a roof.  Top it off with the occasional hailstorm and Orlando homes are almost always at some risk of roof damage during a normal year.

Finding damage to the roof of your Orlando home after a storm is upsetting.  But when should you repair your roof, rather than replace it?

Roof Repair Can Sometimes be the Best Option for Orlando Homes

If your roof is not at the end of its life expectancy, then it might be a good decision to repair.  First, when damage is limited to only one or a few small areas, our Orlando roofing estimators can help identify those damaged areas.  Our Orlando-based roof repair crews can then determine the extent of the damage.

While a damage estimate is often right on target, there are occasions when water damage has occurred beneath the surface of the damaged shingles.  In these cases, there may be some woodwork needed.  Usually, if the water damage has become extensive, you will be advised to have a full roof replacement. Our estimators and repair teams will give you the honest and upfront information you need in order to determine if a roof repair is the best action to take.

Serving Your Roof Repair Needs in Orlando – You Can Count on Ron West

One thing to keep in mind is that our Orlando roof repair teams will get the job done right, and at a fair cost.  And when hurricanes cross over the City of Orlando and surrounding suburbs, you can count on Ron West Roofing to help get your home protected fast. You can call us any time of the year.  We will still be here after the storm chasers are gone.  And we will still be offering lifetime warranty shingles.