When Choosing an Orlando Roofing Company – 5 Top Questions to Consider

There are over 200 roofing companies in Orlando. Roofing in Orlando is regulated by the State of Florida and requires a roofing contractor’s license. The decision to have your roof repaired or replaced can depend on several factors. You want to be certain you get a good quality roof which will stand the test of time against the summer rain storms in Orlando, as well as the occasional hurricane winds. While there are standard practices in roofing, a locally owned and operated Orlando Roofing Company is the best choice when considering a new roof or even just a repair for your roof in Orlando, Florida.

Who is Your Orlando Roofing Company?

We would like to be! Ron West Roofing has been roofing Orlando Florida homes and businesses for over 25 years. Owned and operated by Orlando native Ron West, the company celebrates a long tradition of providing the best quality workmanship in the Orlando roofing industry.

What makes us the Best Choice for Roofing?

Remember, roofing in Orlando requires a licensed roofing contractor. As mentioned, there are more than 200 companies offering roofing in Orlando. Check the Contractor’s license at the State

Roofing contractors who are licensed in the State of Florida can be verified by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You can verify Ronald West Roofing LLC’s license by clicking here.

We are fully licensed and insured to meet all your roofing needs. What’s more is, we hire our roofers directly. This means that you get professional roofers who have been specifically trained to offer the best quality workmanship, in the Ron West Roofing Orlando tradition.

When Should You Call on a Roofing Company?

When you suspect a leak in your roof, you should call a licensed roofing company. Orlando is sometimes hit with extremely heavy rains and damaging winds. If you think there might be a leak but you have not seen any water, you can still call us for an inspection and free estimate. If there is a leak, then a repair to the roof can often achieve the necessary results and stop the leak. If you don’t call right away and it turns out there is a leak, then more damage can occur as the leak reaches wood trusses and even drywall within your home. Best to call a licensed roofing contractor in Orlando right away if you suspect a leak.

Older homes in Orlando may also be ready for a roof replacement simply because it is time to replace an older roof. Depending on the type of roof and the age of the roof, you may need to replace it even if there are no leaks yet. Your roof protects your home, so it is always best to be pro-active and replace an old roof when it is time to do so.

Where can you find a reliable roofing company?

Orlando and the Orlando area have been home to Ron West for half a century. Ron West does the best quality roofing. Orlando homes and the way they are constructed, as well as the codes which must be met are very familiar to Ron West Roofing.

Roofing Orlando Since 1991

You might have been considering calling a large national roofing company, but will they simply be sub-contracting the work out to a roofing crew? Remember, our roofing crews work directly for us. Your best choice is to go with a strong, locally owned roofing contractor, so call Ron West Roofing today.

Why choose Ron West?

We are not the only locally owned company offering Orlando area roofing. Orlando is a large metropolitan area, and as such, has many Roofing Contractors to choose from.

So why choose Ron West?  Well, check out our Better Business Bureau record, too. We are A+ accredited. And remember, Orlando is home to Ron West Roofing and Orlando Homeowners choose Ron West because they know Ron proudly offers his Lifetime Roofing Guarantees.