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Ron West RoofingI started working on roofs at age 12 nailing shingles for my stepfather. By the time I graduated high school in Central Florida I was a skilled roofer and had worked on thousands of roofs. More knowledge of roofing was gained as I worked for other contractors in commercial roofing during the 1980’s. In the mid 1980’s I would enter shingle nailing contests that were held at Roofers Conventions and supply warehouses. Roofers from all over the state would compete to see who the best at nailing shingles was. It was at the time of the Roofers Superbowl. To win a contest such as this took years of practice, hard work, and talent. Winning the Fastest Roofer Contest in front of my colleagues, competitors, and family gave me the courage to start my roofing company in 1991. Since then I have contracted thousands of roofs, working on many of them with my crews. I train and retrain my employees on and off the job. Because it’s not just about being perfect on all aspects of doing the roof, it is also about knowing the Florida weather patterns, getting out early before sunrise and knowing where the shade is going to be during the hottest time of the day to name a few. Remember there is always someone that is the greatest at any sport or task. There’s only one greatest tennis player, golfer, boxer, runner, etc at any given time. The greatest roofer of all time is Ronald West.

Ron West Roofing
Ron West Roofing

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