Licensed Roofers, Orlando – What to Know

When choosing a licensed roofer in Orlando, Florida, the first thing to do is to make sure they are a certified licensed roofer. There are differences between registered roofers and licensed roofers. Orlando roof contractors may be either registered or licensed.

The main difference between the two types of roofing contractors is that the Licensed Roofing Contractor has passed the state licensing exam, while the registered roofer has not yet done so.

Check the License Status of Your Roofer Before You Buy

Licensed roofers in Florida can legally provide roofing services anywhere in the state. Registered roofers have not yet passed the state licensing exam and are only registered to work in one local city or county. You can check the roofing license status at the department of business and professional regulations website.

Ron West Roofing is a Certified Licensed Roofer based in Orlando, FL.

How Roofers get Certified as Licensed Roof Contractors

The process for getting certified as a licensed roof contractor may vary by state. Here are the basic steps towards licensing as a roof contractor in Florida:

  1. Pass the State Roof Licensing Exam. In order to become a Licensed Roof Contractor, a passing score on the intensive licensing exam must be obtained. Exam preparation courses can be completed in preparation for the 5-hour timed test. There is a separate business exam covering administration and finance aspects of the roofing industry. This second exam is quite extensive as well.  After both of these exams
  2. Have some hands-on experience as a roofer. There is no college degree required to become a licensed roofer in Florida. There is a requirement of 4 years hands-on experience, of which at least one year must be in the position of foreman. The state does give credit for college coursework, on a graduating scale. The coursework must be in the field of construction.  A four-year degree will still not entirely replace the requirement for the 4 years work experience. To obtain a roof contractor license in Florida, a College Graduate with a degree in Construction Management still needs to prove at least one year of direct experience in roofing.
  3. Be qualified by age, background check, and financial standing. As with any professional license in the State of Florida, a person must meet the age requirement to be a licensed roofer. Additionally, a fingerprint background must be passed. Finally, a FICO score meeting the minimum requirement of a 660-point credit score must be proven. In the event of a lower credit score, bonds and letters of credit can be obtained in order to meet the financial responsibility requirement.
  4. Meet the Insurance Requirements. Property damage insurance must be obtained, as well as liability insurance. These insurances protect the contractor by paying damages to people and businesses who hire the contractor, or to the general public in case of any accidents. Workman’s Compensation insurance must also be obtained, although exemptions from the workman’s comp requirement for roofers can be obtained if there are no employees.

Many contractor apprentices who hope to obtain their license as a roof contractor will list as registered roof contractors before meeting all the above requirements. The safest bet when choosing a roofing company is to choose a certified licensed roofer, as these are the best roofers, having met all requirements to be a fully licensed contractor.

Choosing the Best Roofers in Orlando

There are many good roofers in Orlando. Roofing crews are made up of craftsmen who install, repair, or replace roofs.  A crew leader oversees the roofing project, and reports to the project manager, or directly to the contractor. Some roofing companies will sub-contract their work while other hire roofing crews directly.

Ron West hires the best roofers in Orlando, and the crew leaders report directly to our roofing construction managers. Skip the sub-contractors and you bypass the middleman.  We hire the most capable roofing crews and train them in our professional methods. You get professional licensed roofers Orlando can trust.

The Top Roofers in Orlando are Certified Licensed Roof Contractors

A certified licensed roof contractor, like Ron West Roofing, is your best choice to make sure you are contracting with the top roofers in Orlando. Licensed roof contractors are certified by the state, plus they have liability coverage and carry the proper insurance coverage to protect your property. A professional roof contractor will always be glad to provide you with proof of license and insurances.

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