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Apartment Association of Greater Orlando approved
How much down?
No money down on most residential roofs. Typically, payment is due when job is finished and permit is signed off.
Do you offer financing?
Financing is available – Click here to apply.
How long does it take?
In most cases the average is 2-3 days – weather permitting.
What makes you the best roofing contractor that I can hire?
See top 10 reasons to choose Ronald West Roofing.
How long is your warranty?
Product 25 years to lifetime; Labor 10-15 years depending on the product.
What about rotten or damaged wood?
What if we have rotten or damaged wood? We will replace all rotten or damaged wood before the installation begins.
What other services do you provide?
We also provide gutters and some painting services.
What can you do that is better than all the other roofing companies?
We give the homeowner or management company the highest quality products, installed to the utmost standards possible. Most other roofing company owners are previous sales reps, and know very little about the actual roofing process and what it takes to deliver you the highest quality roofing job.
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