Roof Contractor Offers Commercial Roof Cleaning

Most commercial roof tops are either flat or have little to no pitch. Since pitch is the measure of rise from the top of the roof running outward to the edge of the roof, the higher the pitch, the faster water can drain off the roof. Flat roofs, then, will tend to hold water well after a rainstorm has passed. Even with proper drainage pathways built-in, commercial roofs will sometimes have pools of water which will sit long enough to attract mold, mildew, and small debris.

Flat Roofs on Commercial Buildings Must be Cleaned Periodically

Because of the tendency for flat commercial roofs to get stained or grow mold and mildew, it is necessary and advisable to have your commercial roof cleaned periodically. An annual inspection can help, by keeping a trained eye on the condition of your commercial roof.

Cleaning Methods for Commercial Roofs Vary Depending on the Type of Roof

Cleaning methods will vary slightly from roof to roof, depending on if you have a roof coating or a built-up tar roof. Because there are many types of commercial roofs out there, so also are their varied methods of cleaning the rooftops. Because of this, it is important to have a professional commercial roofing company oversee the cleaning of your roof.

Flat Roof Before Cleaning
Flat Commercial Roof Before Cleaning is Moldy
Flat Roof After Cleaning
Flat commercial roof after cleaning looks like new

When you have a licensed roofing contractor perform the cleaning and maintenance of your roof, you can be certain that the correct methods and chemical products are used. This is important because use of the wrong cleaning tools or chemical could possibly cause damage to your roof. Building and landscapes could also be harmed if the wrong products are used on your roof.

Hire Ron West Roofing to Clean Your Commercial Roof in Orlando, FL

Cleaning your commercial roof is necessary for its long-term value and to extend the roof’s longevity. Using the proper methods to clean your flat roof is also critical. Don’t waste time hiring the wrong type of service provider to clean your commercial roof. Save time and money by hiring a licensed contractor for your commercial roof cleaning.

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