Will Roofers repair damaged ceiling and drywall?

If your home or business had a roof leak, there is a good possibility that you have some water damage to your interior ceilings and walls. In fact, many homeowners and commercial building occupants don’t even realize they have a roof leak until they notice water spots on the ceiling or the walls. Of course, this problem can be avoided with our roof maintenance plans, however if you are not yet having your roof regularly inspected, then new leaks may go unnoticed until they result in extensive water damage.

Licensed roofers in Orlando will often see water damage occurring during the summer months, when the extensive rainy season results in more calls for roof repair in Central Florida. It is a common occurrence for some wood to need replaced in the rafters after a roof leak has gone undetected for a few weeks or more. All roofing companies offer repair of wood rafters if needed, but not all roofing companies also include options to repair your interior ceiling and drywall. Ron West Roofing does.

Ceiling and wall repairs can be included in the total project of repairing or replacing your roof.

Do You Have to Repair Drywall Just Because it Got Wet?

If you can see water stains and large watermarks on your ceiling or drywall from inside your home or business, then there is already damage to your drywall. Often, people may tell you to paint over the watermarks with specialized paint, such as Kilz, but this is not usually the best advice. New paint or wallpaper might cover the visible damage to your drywall, but it cannot keep mold from growing on the inside of your walls and in your attic.

Mold can grow on wet drywall within days.

By the time wet drywall will appear dry enough to paint over, it will likely have begun to sprout mold and mildew. This is especially true in Florida where the wet and humid summer days can encourage the growth of mold, including black mold which is especially dangerous. It can take at least a week for drywall to appear dry again after getting wet. Mold can begin to grow withing a day or two, so within just a couple of weeks, you could have a mold problem in and behind your drywall.
The best thing to do is to replace drywall if it gets wet.

Will I need a separate company to replace my drywall after a roof leak?

Drywall replacement does not have to be completed by a separate company. Ron West Roofing has been roofing in Central Florida for nearly 30 years and we have special crews to perform the ceiling and wall repairs that so often result from a leaking roof. This saves you from a lot of unnecessary trouble in locating multiple companies to complete your total repair.
When our roofing repair estimator comes to your location, we will ask about any interior water damage you may have notices. Repairs for the damage to your drywall and ceiling can be calculated in and included with your roof repair, saving you valuable time and money. Repairing water damage from a leaking roof doesn’t have to be a major problem; we can include the repairs in your total estimate.